Witness Mark Ruffalo Criticized for Sharing AI-Created Pictures Depicting Trump in the Company of Young Girls

Renowned Marvel actor Mark Ruffalo, famous for portraying the Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, recently faced controversy for sharing a post that accused former President Donald Trump of visiting Epstein Island with underage girls.

However, it was later revealed that the post relied on AI-generated images, sparking criticism of Ruffalo for disseminating unverified information. The original post asserted that Trump was photographed with various groups of young girls, none of whom were his relatives.

This post quickly gained traction online, aiming to portray a negative image of the former president. Ruffalo, in support, expressed his disdain and called out MAGA supporters, accusing them of overlooking Trump’s alleged actions.

“Gross. #MAGA wants to paint everyone on those flights as pedophiles except the one guy who smiles in a group of young girls all headed to Epstein’s ‘Fantasy Island’ with him. My bet is there are some decent republicans left in America that may think this is going too far,” Ruffalo opined.

Contrary to their claims, the images were not authentic depictions but rather AI-generated, not reflecting actual moments involving former President Trump. X verified the tweet’s accuracy by referencing an article from Lead Stories, which debunked the authenticity of the images. The article explicitly stated that the photos were digitally fabricated and did not represent real events or individuals.

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