Willis Returns to Church for Award Ceremony, References Bible Verse in Relation to Trump Case

Over the weekend, Fulton County prosecutor Fani Willis returned to Atlanta Berean Church to receive a black history achievement award. While there, she referenced a Bible verse, Isaiah 54:17: “No weapon formed against you shall prosper.” Willis mentioned ongoing events, alluding to her ongoing Trump case, where she is accused of financial gains from the prosecution through her lover and fellow prosecutor.

“The Scripture they keep sending me is ‘No weapon formed against you shall prosper,’” she said. “I need y’all to hear me, though. They did not say the weapons will not form.”

“And that’s the part I didn’t hear until recently,” Willis continued. “Just because they won’t prosper, it doesn’t mean that they won’t form, even if you feel like everything you are doing in your life is the right thing, and you’re making mistakes all along the way, but you’re trying.”

“You should not think that those weapons will not form,” she stated:

On Thursday, both Fani Willis and Nathan Wade, her lover and co-prosecutor in the Trump case, took the stand to determine if their relationship should disqualify Willis from prosecuting Trump.

If the judge finds that Willis had an actual conflict of interest with her lover and co-prosecutor, she might be removed from the case, potentially giving former President Donald Trump a significant win.

The testimony revealed three crucial points:

  1. Wade testified his relationship with Willis began in 2022, after Willis opened the case against Trump in 2021. However, Robin Yeartie, former Fulton County District Attorney employee and a friend of Willis’s since college, said Willis had definitely been in a relationship with Wade since 2019, contradicting Wade and Willis.
  2. Wade also said their “relationship wasn’t a secret. It was just private,” an unusual distinction that apparently did not include disclosing the relationship to Fulton County.
  3. Both lovers said Willis reimbursed Wade for exotic trips with cash. But neither Willis nor Wade presented any evidence to support their sworn testimony.

Breitbart News outlined several additional questions raised by the testimonies regarding Willis’s affair.

  • Given that you said one witness’s testimony is enough to establish a fact, why shouldn’t we believe the witness who testified that your relationship with Wade began earlier?
  • Were you using cash to hide your reimbursements with Wade for travel expenses? Do you use cash for all such transactions?
  • What would you say about a defendant who used cash off the books to cover transactions? Doesn’t that suggest there is something to hide?
  • Why didn’t you disclose the relationship to staff?
  • Why were you so specific when asked if Wade had visited you, restricting your answer to South Fulton? Did he visit you anywhere else?