Vivek Ramaswamy admonishes CNN’s Van Jones with a strong message during Turning Point event

Presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy, contending for the GOP nomination in 2024, responded strongly on Sunday to CNN commentator Van Jones, urging him to refrain from speaking. This came after Jones labeled Ramaswamy a “demagogue,” expressing on-air that he felt shaken during a recent GOP debate, likening Ramaswamy’s rhetoric to “the rise of an American demagogue.”

Jones further characterized the tech entrepreneur as a “very, very despicable person,” asserting that his debate points were “one step away from Nazi propaganda,” as reported by the Hill.

During his on-stage presence at Turning Point USA’s Americafest in Arizona on Sunday, Ramaswamy responded to Jones’ characterization without holding back.

“And then you get the mainstream media, you got this character Van Jones on CNN afterwards saying, ‘This is the rise of an American demagogue who’s gonna live 50 years longer than Trump. This is dangerous, I am shaking,’ that’s what he says,” Ramaswamy, 38, said. “Just shut the f–k up.”

“At a certain point, just shut the f–k up,” he said as the crowd cheered and laughed. “We’re done with it.”