Virginia County Discovers 4,000 Incorrectly Reported Votes in 2020, Resulting in Shortfall for Biden

According to Mediaite, a new Republican-coordinated 2020 election study revealed a surprising finding: “4000 missing votes were found to have been taken from Biden and given to Trump.”

Democrats argue that this discovery deals another blow to former President Donald Trump’s “Stolen Election” narrative. The study’s leaders concluded that the votes were inaccurately counted, mistakenly attributed to Trump instead of being assigned to Joe Biden.

In the 2020 election, the study revealed an error where former President Donald Trump (R) received 2,327 votes incorrectly, while current President Joe Biden (D) was deprived of 1,648 votes. The report also indicated that Rob Wittman (R), a House of Representatives candidate who secured a victory with over 80,000 votes, was shortchanged by 293 votes.

The findings also indicated that Senate candidates Mark Warner (D) and Daniel Gade (R) received fewer votes than reported—1,589 and 107 respectively. Despite this, Warner secured victory with over 500,000 votes.

According to Mediaite, Biden “achieved a decisive electoral victory, repeatedly affirmed by state officials, including Republicans in Georgia.”

The report further states that Trump is currently facing numerous felonies related to his efforts to overturn the election, with his legal challenges consistently failing in court. It’s important to note that the mentioned charges have faced strong opposition, and cases involving Democrat leaders have seen accusations of misconduct.

Republican congressional leaders are probing the FBI and J-6 committee’s actions, with some accusing Judge Engoron of misconduct. Special Counsel Jack Smith could face disqualification over eligibility charges, while Prosecutor Fani Willis and Attorney General Letitia James are confronting ethics allegations.