Video: Piers Morgan Engages in Intense Verbal Exchange with YouTuber During Heated Discussion on Israel

The conflict in the Middle East has created deep divisions worldwide. On October 7, Hamas, with support from Iran, launched an attack on Israel. While rocket attacks on Israel are not new, the recent deliberate targeting of non-military sites resulted in the tragic deaths of over 1,200 civilians, provoking a strong Israeli response.

On Tuesday, renowned talk show host Piers Morgan and activist/YouTuber Mohammed Hijab engaged in a heated debate discussing recent developments.

In response to Hamas’s attacks on multiple communities along Israel’s southern border, Israel initiated actions to dismantle Hamas’s governance and establish a buffer zone, currently occupied by Palestinians, to prevent future incursions.

Prior to launching a bombardment from land, air, and sea in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, Israel issued warnings to residents through flyers and text messages, urging them to evacuate.

Palestinians attempting to flee have faced challenges gaining entry to nearby Jordan and Egypt, resulting in a worsening humanitarian crisis.

In their discussion, Piers Morgan introduced Mohammed Hijab as a “controversial pro-Palestine influencer,” which Hijab found offensive. He expressed his disgust at the brutal Hamas attacks. However, Hijab also criticized Israel, alleging that the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) had committed crimes against humanity by bombing the Gaza Strip and causing Palestinian casualties.

Morgan pressed Hijab to condemn Hamas, the governing body of Palestinians, for alleged actions such as rape, kidnapping of children, and the killing of infants. Hijab did not directly answer and instead requested that Morgan condemn Israel for the deaths of innocent Palestinian children, implying that Israel was responsible.

Morgan attempted to differentiate between Hamas initiating attacks on civilians and Israel responding, emphasizing that Israel warned civilians to evacuate. It’s worth noting there are reports of Hamas preventing civilians from leaving, blocking exit routes, and confiscating supplies from hospitals.

Morgan brought up the October 7 attack on Israel by Hamas, prompting Hijab to question why Morgan was concerned about the Israel attack when similar incidents, in his view, occur daily in Palestine.

Morgan denied Hijab’s allegation: “No, no it doesn’t,” Morgan said forcefully as the two began talking over each other.

Israeli authorities have consistently stated that they will refrain from launching an offensive unless there is a clear existential threat. Any pinpoint strikes carried out in Gaza and Syria are aimed at non-civilian targets and are only conducted in response to terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens or groups attempting to transport weapons into the area for potential attacks.

Sarcastically, Hijab mocked Morgan, “You are stuttering,” he said.

“I’m not stuttering,” Morgan responded forcefully.

Hijab repeated the charge: “You are stuttering!”

Morgan charged: “You contest every single thing that I’m saying. I’ve pointed out that 1,300 people were brutally killed.”

Hijab responded: “2,000 people have been killed on the other side; 2,200 on the other side,” before demanding Morgan condemn Israel’s bombing of Gaza.

Before Morgan answered, Hijab jabbed: “So you refuse to condemn?”

Morgan began, “I believe, given the scale of what Hamas did, on October 7th, that Israel is entitled–”

Hijab interrupted Morgan, “To kill children?”

“No,” Morgan said. “[But] they are entitled to defend themselves with force.”

Hijab said, “The notion that Israel is defending itself is as absurd as the notion that the rapist is defending itself from the victim – because Israel is the occupier!”

Major cities worldwide have witnessed violent clashes between demonstrators supporting Hamas and law enforcement, as well as counter-protesters advocating for Israel.

The complete interview is provided below: