Unidentified Lady Surprises Texas Server with $2K Gesture

An anonymous lady surprised a waitress at Senaida’s Mexican Kitchen in Rowlett, Texas, with an unexpected $2,000 tip, as reported by Fox4.

During her lunch visit, the woman ordered queso and nachos with chicken, and she left the generous tip on a $21 bill.

The waitress was surprised by this gesture and wished to convey her appreciation, but the generous customer had already departed.

To find the generous tipper and enable the waitress to offer her thanks, the restaurant turned to social media.

“Thank you so much to the amazing young lady that left this during our lunch rush this morning!,” the restaurant posted. “Will you please contact our restaurant? Our server would love to give you a proper thank you!!”

The restaurant’s post garnered a lot of online attention.

“Wow that’s so wonderful!” commented one social media user. “We ate there today too. I bet it was the lady next to us that was alone. So glad there still good kind hearted people in this world! Good job.”

In a comment, the restaurant made it clear that the complete tip would be given to the waitress.

“All of the tip at Senaidas belongs to her!”

Interestingly, this might not be the initial instance of the unidentified woman demonstrating such kindness, as indicated by the Fox4 report.

There are reports indicating that she had previously left a significant tip at another nearby restaurant, underscoring her intention to back and elevate the diligent individuals within her community.

“Lady, I don’t know who you are but your terrific tips seem to be lifting people’s spirits left and right!” said Fox 4 News anchor Lauren Przybyl in a social media post.