Trump’s Response to Inquiry About the Note He Left for Biden Upon White House Departure: ‘This Question Is Quite Unique, I Must Say

During a recent Meet the Press interview, former President Donald Trump mentioned that upon leaving office, he had left President Joe Biden “a pleasant note” at the White House.

“I don’t think you’ve ever gotten this question. But it’s been reported that you left a note for President Biden when you left office,” Kristen Welker asked Trump in the interview, which is set to air on Sunday. “Can you give us a little sense of what you said?” 

Trump said he left Biden a note, and that he took a lot of time thinking about it, saying “It was a nice note,” and adding, “I’d love for him to do a great job, even if it was very bad politically.”

When Biden assumed office, he described Trump’s message as a “very gracious letter,” but he did not divulge its contents, respecting its private nature.

Traditionally, departing presidents leave personal letters for their successors. Given Trump’s reluctance to concede the 2020 election, it remained uncertain if he would follow this tradition.

Former President Obama’s letter to Trump contained reflections rather than advice. He extended congratulations on Trump’s election and expressed the hope that all Americans, regardless of party, would experience increased prosperity and security during Trump’s tenure.

Recent polls indicate that Trump leads among potential Republican candidates for the 2024 election, raising the possibility of a rematch between Biden and Trump in the upcoming year.