Trump’s Release of “Mugshot Edition” Trading Cards and Fragments from Attire Worn During Georgia Booking

Donald Trump, the ex-President, unveiled his newest digital trading cards known as the “Mugshot Edition.”

This edition comes with an added perk – the chance to acquire a fragment of Trump’s suit worn during his Fulton County, Georgia mug shot and an opportunity for dinner with Trump at Mar-a-Lago. Following the triumph of earlier releases, Trump launched 100,000 cards on Tuesday through, priced at $99 each. Additionally, purchasers of 47 cards or more in a single transaction will receive 2,024 limited edition physical cards featuring “different rarities” via mail.

The exclusive cards showcase Trump’s Fulton County mug shot, a fragment of the attire worn on that day, and 25 of them will bear Trump’s personal signature, as outlined in the website’s terms and conditions.

In addition to these limited edition cards, buyers will also receive an invitation for an exclusive dinner with Trump at Mar-a-Lago.

For the initial 200 individuals purchasing 100 cards with cryptocurrency, an extra bonus awaits: a unique “one-of-one” NFT, two tickets for a pre-dinner cocktail reception with Trump at Mar-a-Lago, a second physical card featuring remnants of both the suit and tie, and two “Commemorative Dinner” cards.

The initial two releases of Trump’s digital trading cards amassed a staggering $9 million in combined sales. Financial disclosure forms indicate that Trump garnered between $100,000 and $1 million from the first release, while the exact amount from the second release remains unclear.

Trump unveiled the inaugural series of his “limited edition collection” NFT cards last year at $99 each, following a teaser on Truth Social, where he suggested that “America needs a superhero.” These cards swiftly sold out within a day, generating $4.4 million. The subsequent batch, released in under five hours, contributed approximately $4.6 million to the total. Both releases featured a sweepstakes program, offering purchasers of 47 cards (totaling $4,653) a chance to win a private dinner at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence.

In August, Trump underwent booking and photography at Fulton County Jail in Atlanta following his indictment on 13 felony charges, accusing him of attempting to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia.

Pleading not guilty to all charges, including solicitation of violation of oath by a public officer and racketeering, Trump was charged alongside 18 other defendants.

Among them, four—Kenneth Cheseboro, Jenna Ellis, Scott Hall, and Sidney Powell—have entered into plea deals, while six others reportedly engaged in discussions with the Fulton County District Attorney’s office regarding potential plea agreements in October.