Trump Reveals Courtroom Illustration Depicting Him Alongside Jesus During Fraud Trial

Former President Donald Trump recently posted a peculiar courtroom illustration, depicting himself seated next to Jesus. This occurred just before he returned to the courtroom for the second day of his Manhattan civil fraud trial on Tuesday.

The artwork, initially shared on the X platform (formerly Twitter) by user Dom Lucie, was accompanied by the caption, ‘the most accurate court sketch of all time. Because nobody could have made it this far alone.’ Trump, aged 77, then reposted the tweet on his Truth Social platform on Monday evening.

Within a few hours, the former president announced his plan to make another courtroom appearance on Tuesday, as the fraud case proceedings continued.

“People are starting to see what a great company I built through the trial started by the Racist Attorney General of New York State, Letitia ‘Peekaboo’ James,” Trump posted.

“It was all supposed to be private, but in many ways, it is exposing a great success,” he claimed, describing “incredible assets, lots of cash and it only gets better.

“It is also stating, loud and clear, ‘Don’t move your company to New York, and if you are already here, move out fast. Too much work and heartache dealing with the Radical Left Democrats, Marxists and Fascists.”

The ex-president faces charges of inflating the values of his numerous properties in a $250 million lawsuit initiated by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

Trump has consistently refuted these accusations, labeling the trial as a “continuation of the most significant witch hunt.”

“What we have here is an attempt to hurt me in an election,” the former president said as he entered the courtroom on Monday.