Trump Responds Strongly to Criticism from GOP Rivals During Republican Debate

In the face of intense criticism from fellow Republican candidates during the second GOP debate, former President Donald Trump emphasized that his priority was to focus on “saving” autoworkers on Wednesday night. He justified his absence from the debate by citing his significant lead in primary polls and brushed off Chris Christie’s “Donald Duck” nickname for him.

Trump’s decision to skip the event in Simi Valley, California left his GOP rivals disappointed, as they repeatedly mentioned his absence and emphasized the importance of him defending his administration’s record on the debate stage.

“I thought it was much more important, considering I have a 56-point lead, for me to be dealing with the UAW and the fact that the Biden Administration is going to destroy their jobs over the next two years by going all electric vehicle,” Trump told Fox News Digital in an exclusive interview Wednesday night.

Addressing a gathering of autoworkers in Clinton Township, Michigan, on Wednesday night, Trump passionately asserted that, if elected, he would ensure that the future of the automotive industry is rooted in American manufacturing.

“The crowd was incredible—unreal,” he said. “I think we have great support to save the autoworker.”

However, in the midst of the debate, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie strongly criticized Trump, maintaining direct eye contact with the camera as he stated:

“Donald, I know you’re watching. You can’t help yourself,” Christie said. “You’re ducking these things. And let me tell you what’s going to happen. You keep doing that, no one here’s going to call you Donald Trump anymore.”

Christie added: “We’re going to call you Donald Duck.”

Trump told Fox News Digital he had not been watching, but dismissed the nickname.

“Anybody that would come up with that nickname shouldn’t be running for president,” he told Fox News Digital.