Trump Political Action Committee (PAC) Establishes ‘Biden-Mart’ Supermarket to Showcase Inflation’s Impact

The Make America Great Again Inc. Trump super PAC has introduced a fresh online resource designed to underscore the influence of inflation on grocery costs throughout President Biden’s administration.

Dubbed, the website empowers users to simulate a grocery shopping excursion, choosing items and then contrasting the overall expense under Biden with what it might have been under Trump.

Upon arriving at the website, users encounter a direct message that establishes the atmosphere for their digital shopping experience: “Nourishing your family has become increasingly challenging due to the effects of ‘Bidenomics.’”

“As costs for everyday items continue to rise, American families are struggling more and more to foot the bill,” the message continues. “Check off the items from the list below to compile your weekly grocery list and see how much more expensive your bill has become under Joe Biden.”

Bob Hoge from RedState personally navigated through the site to illustrate a scenario where an average shopper intends to buy various everyday items such as ribs, skirt steak, potatoes, carrots, grapes, coffee, and ice cream.

According to the website’s calculations, the identical assortment of goods that would have amounted to $38.61 in 2020 now comes to $55.48, indicating a notable 45.69 percent surge.

The comparison between historical and current prices emphasizes the effect of inflation, commonly dubbed “Bidenflation,” on the finances of everyday Americans. While the website’s concept may provoke amusement for its astute satire targeting Biden and his policies, it also brings attention to the significant repercussions that escalating prices pose to the economic stability of individuals and households nationwide.

The creators of the website stress that their calculations rely on data sourced from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), juxtaposing prices from January 2021 to January 2024.

In addition to groceries, the website’s developers recognize that inflation has infiltrated nearly every facet of daily existence, spanning from energy and gasoline expenses to seasonal indulgences such as chocolate Easter eggs.

“Each trip to the grocery store serves as a stark reminder of the shortcomings of Bidenomics,” remarked Alex Pfeiffer, spokesperson for Make America Great Again Inc., in a statement to The Daily Mail. “Joe Biden’s inflationary policies are draining hard-working Americans of their earnings.”

This endeavor by the Super PAC highlights a crucial issue in the 2024 United States presidential election. In the last four years, grocery prices have risen by 25 percent, consistently surprising Americans with the costs associated with their everyday shopping outings.

In essence, the Biden-Mart website acts as a sobering reflection of the economic hurdles confronting Americans under the Biden administration, while also offering a venue for political discourse on topics like inflation and governmental expenditures.