Trump pledges to restore ‘success’ after claiming Biden brought ‘chaos’ to the US

If granted a second term, Former President Trump asserted his commitment to address the perceived ‘chaos’ from the Biden administration. His agenda includes securing the southern border, restoring energy independence, bolstering the economy, and enhancing the military.

The 2024 GOP frontrunner discussed these plans during a Fox News Town Hall in Des Moines, Iowa, shortly before the upcoming primary contests on Jan. 15, where he leads with substantial support, consistently polling at or above 50%. Trump highlighted concerns about President Biden’s impact, emphasizing the need for change.

“They have chaos at the border. They have chaos in the military. People are going woke,” Trump said. “We have chaos now. Look at today with Hunter Biden going into Congress and just sitting down and the bedlam that’s been caused today. You have chaos.”

Trump said the country has “more” chaos with Biden than under his presidency.

“He can’t put two sentences together and he’s representing us on nuclear weapons with Putin and Xi and all of these very smart people—the media hates when I say they’re smart, but let me tell you, they’re very smart and they’re very cunning,” Trump said.

“I think we had very little chaos,” Trump said, reflecting on his administration. “I think most of the chaos was caused by the Democrats constantly going after me.”

Trump proceeded to reference the “fake Russia, Russia, Russia” inquiry, his impeachment episodes, and additional matters.

“They had the chaos. They were the ones that caused the chaos,” Trump said. “We didn’t have chaos.”

Trump said that under his presidency, the United States saw the “biggest tax cuts in history” and “the biggest regulation cuts in history.”

“I had no wars. I’m the only president in 72 years—I didn’t have any wars,” Trump said.

But Trump said Biden and Democrats use the “narrative” that he would bring chaos “because they have nothing else.”

“The new narrative they have, as you know, is I’m going to be a dictator, because a guy like Biden, there’s nothing he can run on—everything he’s turned out, it’s turned out badly,” Trump said.

Trump said under Biden, the border “is a disaster” and “the worst border in history.”

“I think the worst border in the history of the world,” Trump said.

In September, Trump declared intentions to execute “the most extensive domestic deportation operation in American history” should he secure a second term. Furthermore, he aims to “utilize the Alien Enemies Act to eliminate all identified or suspected gang members, drug dealers, or cartel members from the United States,” asserting that this initiative will ultimately eradicate the “menace of illegal alien gang violence.”