Trump Commends Favorable Appellate Court Decision Within New York City Courthouse

Donald Trump, the former president, has voiced contentment over a New York appellate court’s ruling that permits him to defer the dissolution of his businesses in the state.

This delay, upheld by the Appellate Division, First Department, awaits further scrutiny by a four-judge panel. Notably, the court’s decision does not impede Trump’s ongoing civil fraud trial, as highlighted in The Messenger. Expressing gratitude, Trump conveyed to the press, “I believe the nation acknowledges it.”

His attorney, Christopher Kise, also expressed appreciation, stating, “President Trump very much appreciates the court’s consideration and ruling today. The ruling helps pave the way for a much needed, and deliberative, review of the trial court’s many errors.” Trump echoed these sentiments, describing the ruling as “very powerful” and beneficial for the country.

The ex-president has denounced the trial without a jury involving him and his businesses, labeling it as the “weaponization of justice.” Trump, as reported by Fox News, has accused New York Attorney General Letitia James of engaging in “election interference.”

Trump, alongside his legal team, expressed satisfaction with the testimony of defense expert witness Eli Bartov, a New York University accounting professor. Bartov stated, after reviewing Trump’s financial data, that he found no indications of accounting fraud and attributed the overestimation of Trump Tower penthouse’s value to an error.

Kevin Wallace from the Attorney General’s office rejected Bartov’s testimony as speculative. In response, Bartov criticized Wallace, affirming his dedication to truth. Trump commended Bartov as a “highly respected man,” underscoring Bartov’s conclusion of no fraud in his financial statements.

Trump also criticized the case against him, characterizing it as a politically motivated witch hunt orchestrated by the White House. He expressed frustration at being in court instead of campaigning, despite his substantial lead in polls. Additionally, Trump highlighted favorable testimony from a Deutsche Bank AG executive, confirming that the actions alleged by Attorney General James as criminal did not harm anyone.