Trump Allegedly Upset Over Ivanka’s Involvement in Fraud Trial Testimony

The New York City Courtroom in the business fraud case against former President Donald Trump has witnessed dramatic scenes, with name-calling, heated arguments, allegations, and legal restrictions making headlines. According to PageSix’s Wednesday report, Ivanka Trump has been called as a witness, which has allegedly infuriated her father.

Ivanka, aged 42, is expected to be the prosecution’s last witness in the trial, despite multiple unsuccessful efforts by Donald Trump’s legal team to prevent her testimony.

PageSix reported:  “What you aren’t hearing in court is how upset and agitated [Donald Trump] is that his children have been dragged into court. He feels it’s another move to upset him. He’s pissed.”

PageSix’s source added: “This is causing problems with Ivanka who has worked hard to stay under the radar for the last two-ish years, and is bracing herself for the press and paparazzi who will pounce on her at court.”

During Trump’s first term, Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, held advisory roles in his administration. After Trump’s defeat in 2020, they chose to step away from public attention and concentrate on raising their three children in Miami, Florida.

PageSix reported that the former President “sympathizes with [Ivanka’s] feelings because of how it affects her life in Miami… Ivanka wants zero [public] attention, and now she’s being thrust back into the spotlight and Trump is upset that this is happening to her.”

The former president and his sons, Don Jr. and Eric have testified in the case.

A source close to the situation said of the former president: “He knows Don Jr. and Eric can handle the heat and fight back” but that his daughter, Ivanka, is  “more vulnerable.”

However, some have highlighted Ivanka’s composure and professional demeanor, emphasizing that she’s no stranger to such situations. They believe she’s led a relatively private life, and for her, this is more of an annoyance. They expect her to handle what’s required and then return to Miami.

New York Attorney General Leticia James initially included Ivanka as a defendant in a $250 million lawsuit against her father, Donald, and the Trump Organization. However, she was later removed as a defendant by an appeals court in June. Nevertheless, the state remains convinced that she possesses information that could implicate her father.

Donald Trump contends that these charges are politically motivated, alleging that the Attorney General and the Judge involved in the case are left-leaning, biased, and receive funding from Soros. He maintains his innocence, arguing that the fraud accusations lack merit. He points out that no individuals or businesses were defrauded, all loan payments were made promptly, and his personal assets were undervalued, not overvalued as the state claims.