Trump Addresses AI-Created Images Depicting Him aboard Epstein’s Aircraft

Amidst various unfounded accusations and investigations, former President Donald Trump faced a recent controversy involving a digitally fabricated image. The AI-generated photo purportedly depicted Trump with the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein on his infamous “Lolita Express” plane.

In response, Trump cautioned against the potential risks of artificial intelligence, vehemently denying ever being on Epstein’s plane or the associated “stupid island.”

Actor Mark Ruffalo, recognized for portraying The Hulk, initially shared the AI-generated images, accusing Trump. However, he later acknowledged the pictures were deceptive and false.

In a post on his Truth Social platform, Trump wrote: “This is what the Democrats do to their Republican Opponent, who is leading them, by a lot, in the Polls.”

Trump added: “This is A.I., and it is very dangerous for our Country! Also, I was never on Epstein’s Plane, or at his ‘stupid’ Island. Strong Laws ought to be developed against A.I. It will be a big and very dangerous problem in the future.”

The recent disclosure of names from Epstein’s “little black book” has led to considerable confusion. Despite being redacted in court records for nearly a decade, the names were unsealed and made public last December.

This list, comprising about 170 names, includes individuals closely associated with Epstein, but it also encompasses victims and individuals with innocuous connections to him.

Some on the list had interactions with Epstein before his involvement in criminal activities was exposed, while others distanced themselves from him post-revelation. Donald Trump, for instance, barred Epstein from his properties and severed all ties before 2008.

Notably, individuals like Alan Dershowitz are mentioned due to accusations made in court by an Epstein accuser, Sarah Ransome. However, Ransome’s testimony faced challenges, and she later retracted her claims.