Taylor Lorenz Attributes Fourth Consecutive Christmas Skip to ‘Selfish Individuals’ Neglecting Mask Usage

Journalist and author Taylor Lorenz, known for her presence on Meta’s X alternative Threads, revealed that she’s forgoing Christmas celebrations for the fourth year in a row due to ongoing COVID concerns. Citing her heightened risk due to a pre-existing illness, Lorenz attributed her decision to “selfish people” who disregard mask usage and fail to treat the virus seriously.

Despite facing infamy for disclosing the Libs of TikTok account owner’s identity, Lorenz has consistently maintained her commitment to wearing masks during interviews, flights, and various gatherings.

On Friday, Lorenz responded to another Threads user who was discussing COVID-19 mitigation strategies. “Totally agree with you on the mitigation advice, but I very much judge anyone who participates in the social murder of disabled people just because it’s ‘the holidays.’ Many of us who are high risk are missing our FOURTH Christmas because other selfish people can’t be bothered to mask and take basic precautions that allow us to safely participate in public life,” Lorenz wrote.

“They don’t feel enough shame and judgement [in my opinion], instead infection has been fully normalized.”

For an extended period, Lorenz has advocated for the reinforcement of pandemic-era COVID measures like masking and “social distancing,” despite their perceived ineffectiveness. She has expressed criticism towards the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for easing guidelines and has urged the federal government to suppress questioning of COVID mitigation efforts.

The Washington Post reporter has claimed she is “disabled” since at least 2022 and has claimed she has PTSD from online “harassment.”

“Literally what is the plan for high risk/medically vulnerable and disabled people? Just let us die while the world marches on??” Lorenz wrote in an X post. ”

“The same ppl complaining non stop abt the ‘mental health’ cost of lockdowns (even though we never had full lockdowns) & having to wear masks, are perfectly happy to force disabled ppl to stay locked away forever or keep an N95 glued to their face every time they step into public,” she added.

Continuing, Lorenz emphasized that individuals with disabilities “shouldn’t be forced to jeopardize their lives for societal participation” and characterized the decision to eliminate lockdown measures as “a massive and horrific scale.”