Survey: Majority Express Dissatisfaction with the Value Received from Tax Payments to Joe Biden

Approximately two-thirds of U.S. taxpayers express dissatisfaction with the value they receive from contributing taxes to President Joe Biden, according to a poll conducted by the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy and the Associated Press-NORC. Less than 25 percent feel they receive good value.

A majority, 50 percent, would rather see a reduction in federal taxes with diminished services. At the state sales tax level, 43 percent are willing to pay less for reduced value, echoing a similar sentiment for local property tax.

Furthermore, 66 percent lack confidence in how Joe Biden’s federal bureaucracy allocates their tax dollars, while 58 percent share the same skepticism about their state government.

An additional two-thirds of respondents expressed that they find their federal income taxes, state sales taxes, and local property taxes excessively high.

Approximately 60 percent deemed President Biden’s federal income tax as “unfair,” while the same sentiment was shared by 59 percent regarding local property taxes. Additionally, 52 percent perceived state sales tax as unjust.

“Whether it is local, state, or federal taxes, most people want lower taxes and are skeptical of the value they receive from these taxes,” David Sterrett, a principal research scientist with the AP-NORC Center, told the Hill. “Many people view these taxes as unfair and believe they are most burdensome on middle-income families.”

The survey gathered opinions from 1,024 adults during the period of December 14-28, 2023, with a margin of error of approximately ± 4.2 percent.