Siblings Discover Shared Biological Roots After Being Adopted into Same Family

A report from Breitbart News reveals that two youngsters who were adopted into a family in New York made an astonishing revelation—they are actually biological siblings. In a recent phone conversation, Victoria, the daughter of Angela Laffin, informed her adoptive mother about their shared blood connection with the words, “Frank and I are siblings!” This unexpected news left Angela Laffin perplexed, given that she had adopted both Victoria and Frank when they were infants.

“I said to her, ‘Of course you’re brother and sister. I raised you,’” Laffin said, according to a report from “Good Morning America”.

“No, Mom. You don’t understand,” her daughter clarified, “we’re biological siblings.”

The remarkable revelation surfaced when the family decided to undergo a DNA test.

“I was shaking when I read the results,” the daughter said. “I was definitely emotional. The fact that I’ve been living my entire life with my biological sibling and had no idea?”

Less than two years apart, Angela and Dennis Laffin adopted Victoria and Frank as they navigated challenges in conceiving children. Alongside their biological son, Nick, the Laffins’ adoption journey began due to fertility struggles.

Frank became a part of their lives in 2002 after being discovered as a newborn in a diaper bag outside a daycare center. Nearly two years down the line, Angela got in touch with a local adoption agency and found out about an infant abandoned in a hospital bathroom on Staten Island.

Without hesitation, Angela welcomed Victoria into her family. Victoria, now thriving in college, was embraced into the family fold. Frank, on the other hand, reportedly nurtures aspirations of establishing a gym someday.

The revelation of their shared biological connection through DNA testing prompted a heartfelt message from Frank to his parents: “I love you and daddy … that day I was left (was) the best day of my life because it led me to you two.”