Seven Prominent Democrats Criticize Biden’s Lenient Border Policies as a ‘Federal Crisis of Inaction’

Democratic officials have voiced apprehension over President Joe Biden’s immigration strategies as their sanctuary cities or states have begun to witness repercussions from waves of undocumented immigrants entering the country.

Governor Maura Healey, a Democrat from Massachusetts, declared a state of emergency within her jurisdiction to address the difficulties arising from an influx of illegal immigrants. She engaged in communication with Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

In her communication dated August 8th, Governor Healey informed Secretary Mayorkas about the escalating and continuous rise in the number of families with children and pregnant individuals, which has strained Massachusetts’ resources as they attempt to accommodate them.

“Massachusetts has stepped up to address what sadly has been a federal crisis of inaction that is many years in the making,” Gov. Healey told the DHS Secretary.

She insisted that the Biden administration provide reimbursement to her state for the expenses incurred in providing shelter and sustenance for around 5,600 families, amounting to over 20,000 undocumented immigrants presently housed in state-run shelters.

Similarly, in Chicago, another city contending with the challenges posed by the migrant influx, a local leader extended a formal invitation to President Biden, encouraging him to personally observe the conditions within the city’s overwhelmed migrant camps.

“I invite you to see firsthand what we are forced to do while waiting for [US Citizenship and Immigration Services] to take the steps necessary to move the needle on this crisis,” Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez told Biden.

“This facility, along with the 11 shelters offering semi-permanent housing to the migrants and asylum-seekers, are pushing our city to the brink unnecessarily because of the lax response from Secretary Mayorkas and USCIS Director Jaddou.”

Formerly a staunch advocate for migrants, New York City Mayor Eric Adams has reversed his position and directed his criticism toward the federal government, asserting that they have failed to offer sufficient assistance.

Mayor Adams contends that the burgeoning humanitarian crisis within the city could escalate to an astonishing expense of $12 billion, a financial burden he deems the federal government should be sharing.

While states like Arizona, situated on the forefront of the border dilemma, have voiced grievances about President Biden’s immigration strategies, it is only recently that the repercussions of these policies have begun to affect cities and states further north.

Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs, Senator Mark Kelly, and Congressman Ruben Gallegos jointly voiced their discontent with President Biden’s present border strategies.

They underlined the immediate necessity for more comprehensive actions to tackle the surge in illegal border crossings that are impacting their state.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., a Democratic contender challenging Biden’s reelection, along with other Democratic officials, has raised doubts about President Biden’s leadership approach.

Some members within the Democratic Party even contend that Biden’s border security measures might be excessively stringent, especially for individuals seeking asylum.

On the Republican side, sanctuary city policies are being held responsible for contributing to the border situation. They assert that such policies, largely promoted by Democrats, have inadvertently worsened the migrant crisis.

“In Joe Biden’s American, every state is a border state,” said RNC spokeswoman Savannah Viar.

“Now that their backyards have become the border because this crisis has gotten so out of hand under the Democrats, they’re now acting like they always supported securing the border.”

“They invited this into their own backyard by creating sanctuary cities so now, they need to put up,” she said, adding sanctuary cities are now experiencing what border cities have gone through for years.