Sen. Kennedy Criticizes Kamala Harris Regarding ‘Culture’ Clip: English Is Not Even Her Fourth Language

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) admonished Vice President Kamala Harris, insinuating that she needs to improve her verbal communication skills based on her speech at the 2023 Essence Festival of Culture on June 20.

According to a report from The Daily Wire, Kennedy specifically highlighted a portion of Harris’ address that was widely criticized for being less than articulate, particularly in her attempt to define culture.

Expressing his opinion, the Republican senator from Louisiana suggested that Harris should strive for greater authenticity in her verbal expressions. He argued that by being true to herself, she would enhance the clarity and effectiveness of her public speeches.

“She’s struggling for a couple of reasons,” Kennedy said about the vice president’s many publicized speeches that end up being called “word salad.” “Number one, she doesn’t appear to be prepared.”

“Number two, no matter how well-prepared you are, you have to be able to express yourself,” he continued. “And with respect, I would say the vice president needs to work on being a little more articulate.”

“Some might say that based on her performances that English is not her first, second, third, or even fourth language.”

The senator went on to offer guidance, stating that individuals speaking in public should always strive to be genuine, unless they are lacking in proficiency. In such cases, he recommended making efforts to improve. Kennedy expressed his perception that Harris is not being true to herself.

“She’s trying to sound smart instead of just saying what she believes and saying it in a clear articulate manner that the average American who’s busy can understand,” Kennedy said.

The video of Harris’ speech at the Essence Festival of Culture attracted considerable attention, prompting critics to question the vice president’s proficiency in effective communication.

According to a report from American Wire News, Sen. Kennedy’s criticism strikes a chord with many individuals who believe that those in positions of national leadership should demonstrate a high level of verbal articulation.

This is not the first instance where Harris has faced scrutiny and been found lacking in her public speaking abilities.

Harris has a history of delivering inarticulate statements and has received criticism for what some perceive as insufficient preparation in her public addresses.

Kennedy’s recent remarks contribute to the ongoing discussion surrounding the vice president’s communication skills.