Ron DeSantis Issues a Warning About Potential Terrorist Attacks in the US by Those Who Enter the Country Illegally

On Saturday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis cautioned that the United States is at risk of a terrorist attack from individuals who have entered the country unlawfully.

”There’s going to be a terrorist attack in this country that we’re going to be able to trace to somebody coming across the border,” said DeSantis during a Sin City breakfast confab sponsored by Never Back Down, a SuperPAC backing his presidential campaign.

“Things like terrorism are still very real. It’s even realer when you have an open border that almost eight million people have come across,” he continued. “Do you not think our enemies are exploring that border.”

DeSantis also reiterated his backing for Israel and his stance against the resettlement of Gaza refugees in the United States, a proposal that has received support from certain progressive Democrats.

“You have people like AOC and the left wingers that want the United States to bring in hundreds of thousands of refugees from the Gaza strip. I have said we will bringing zero from the Gaza strip to the United States,” DeSantis said.

While some on the left, like Rep. Jamaal Bowman, have expressed the belief that most people in Gaza are good and that the U.S. can vet migrants to exclude Hamas members, DeSantis remained doubtful.

In the 2024 GOP presidential primary, DeSantis continued to hold the second position, with former President Trump consistently leading in the polls by double digits as November approaches.