Rewind: Biden Asserts Opposition to Sanctuary Cities, Advocates Federal Law Enforcement in Urban Areas

President Joe Biden has faced accusations of inconsistency on several prominent issues.

The Daily Caller recently highlighted Biden’s past stance against “sanctuary cities” and his opposition to open borders. Back in 2007, as Senator Joe Biden, he strongly criticized illegal immigration and the concept of establishing sanctuary cities.

During his campaign for the DNC presidential candidacy, a reporter queried Biden about his stance on allowing sanctuary cities to disregard federal law regarding the reporting of illegal immigrants and offering refuge to them. In response, the future President emphasized the adverse consequences of permitting illegal immigrants into the country.

“The reason these cities ignore the federal law is the fact that there is no funding at the federal level to provide for the kind of enforcement at a federal level you need.”

Biden continued: “Pick up The New York Times today, there’s a city not far across the river from my state, that imposed similar sanctions, and what they found out is, as a consequence of that, their city went in the dumps, in the dumpster. Stores started closing, everything started to happen and they changed the policy.”

Emphasizing the necessity for laws to control illegal immigration, Biden stressed the importance of a federal government capable of enforcing those laws. He criticized the current administration for neglecting to enforce existing laws.

When asked if he would permit cities to disregard federal law and create sanctuary areas for illegal immigrants, Biden responded decisively with a firm “No.”

The Daily Caller graciously highlighted that “Biden’s 2007 comments sharply differ from his current approach to the sanctuary cities issue.”

Critics of the Biden administration’s open border policies point out that illegal immigration is at a record high, officials consistently assure Congress and the public of border security, “Border Czar” Kamala Harris has taken minimal action, and Biden’s Department of Justice has opposed efforts by southern states to control border crossings.

It is estimated that over 8 million illegal immigrants have entered the country since President Biden assumed office. Left-leaning sanctuary cities far from the border, like Boston, Chicago, Denver, and New York, report being overwhelmed by immigrants and have urged the President to reverse current open border policies.

Political analysts widely acknowledge that illegal immigration will stand out as one of the key issues candidates need to tackle in the upcoming 2024 election cycle.