Republican National Committee Files Lawsuit Against Nevada Official Alleging Unreasonably High Voter Registration Standards

The Republican National Committee (RNC) has initiated legal proceedings against Nevada Secretary of State Cisco Aguliar by filing a lawsuit on Friday. The lawsuit claims that Nevada’s voter registration numbers exceed reasonable levels, thereby contravening the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), which requires the upkeep of precise and current voter registration lists.

Highlighted by the RNC’s analysis, five out of Nevada’s 17 counties exhibit inflated voter registration lists, indicating a potential violation of the NVRA.

RNC Co-Chair Michael Whatley underscored the critical nature of maintaining accurate voter rolls to safeguard election integrity, especially in Nevada, where universal mail voting is implemented without a voter ID mandate.

As detailed in The Daily Caller, the lawsuit highlights that at least three Nevada counties possess a higher count of registered voters than the total adult population over 18 years old, a discrepancy labeled as “impossibly high” by the RNC.

Furthermore, two counties reportedly show voter registration rates surpassing 90% of the adult population, exceeding both national and state averages.

Republican authorities draw attention to what they consider unusually elevated voter registration rates in Clark County and Carson City, referencing data from recent voter registration tallies and the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2022 American Community Survey.

The lawsuit further contends that voter totals in Douglas, Lyon, and Storey counties surpass 100%, attributing these disparities to insufficient list upkeep.

This legal maneuver mirrors a comparable lawsuit initiated by the RNC against Michigan, underlining worries regarding discrepancies in voter rolls that could potentially enable voter fraud.

In reply to the lawsuit, a Nevada deputy attorney general affirmed the state’s adherence to federal mandates for maintaining voter registration.

The attorney general’s office emphasized the stringent procedures for eliminating ineligible voters, which might result in higher registration figures than the actual eligible voter base. Furthermore, the office criticized the juxtaposition of 2022 population estimates with recent voter registration data, deeming it flawed due to the imprecision of Census Bureau estimates.

Currently, no hearing date has been set for the lawsuit. The RNC’s legal action aims for a declaratory judgment and injunction against the state of Nevada.