Republican House Leaders React to Hunter Biden Lawyer’s Proposal for Public Hearing

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan have demanded Hunter Biden’s deposition on December 13 as part of their inquiry into the potential drafting of articles of impeachment against President Biden.

The conservative lawmakers emphasize that Hunter Biden will not be granted any preferential treatment in this proceeding. Initially, Representative Comer from Kentucky issued a subpoena for Hunter Biden’s deposition, but Biden’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, suggested a public hearing where he would answer questions and testify before the American public.

In response, Comer and Jordan, in a letter to Lowell, stated, “We also appreciate your confirmation that Mr. Biden is willing to testify at a public hearing. We look forward to his testimony in a hearing at the appropriate time.” They clarified that the initial testimony would occur in a deposition setting, as is standard practice.

Championed by Comer, Jordan, and Ways & Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith from Missouri, the investigation seeks to ascertain if there are valid reasons to draft articles of impeachment against President Biden. This comes in response to indications that President Biden might have been cognizant of and potentially influenced his family’s business endeavors, resulting in financial gains.

Contrary to Lowell’s assertion of no evidence connecting Hunter Biden’s business transactions to his father’s official conduct, Comer and Jordan countered with references to testimonies and an FBI FD-1023 form outlining an alleged bribery scheme involving President Biden.

Comer and Jordan rebuked Lowell’s plea for a public hearing, characterizing it as an attempt to evade a deposition, and emphasized that Hunter Biden won’t dictate the investigation’s course. They pointed out that officials from the Justice Department, FBI, IRS, and Hunter Biden’s associate, Devon Archer, have all cooperated with deposition requests without insisting on public hearings.

Lowell accused Comer and Republicans of distorting facts in closed-door sessions, advocating for a public hearing to ensure transparency. Democrats criticized the absence of a public hearing, implying a weak case against Hunter Biden.

Comer, addressing these concerns in an interview with Fox News Digital, dismissed them, highlighting the necessity of a comprehensive deposition to efficiently address numerous questions. He pledged transparency, intending to release the deposition transcript, excluding classified information.

Comer concluded, “This has been the most transparent major congressional investigation in history.”