Report Indicates Carlee Russell Will Likely Face Charges for Kidnapping Hoax

Emory Anthony, the attorney representing Carlee Russell, has verified that his client staged a kidnapping hoax and is likely to face charges in the near future.

As per the Daily Wire, Emory Anthony stated, “We believe she will be charged. We just haven’t gotten a court date yet.”

Initially reported missing, Carlee Russell, a 25-year-old nursing student from Alabama, had stopped by a highway to investigate a toddler walking alone. However, after 49 hours, she reappeared, claiming she had been kidnapped and assaulted.

However, doubts arose when authorities questioned the credibility of Russell’s story, as it did not align with traffic camera reports identified by experts specializing in patterns.

Suspicions were further raised by the revelation that Russell’s internet search history contained searches related to Amber Alerts and the movie “Taken,” according to ABC News.

Recent updates from Hoover Police Department Chief Nicholas Derzis and Russell’s attorney have now confirmed that Carlee Russell fabricated the entire story without any external assistance.

According to Fox 5 Atlanta, Anthony has revealed that the hoax was carefully planned, and in a written statement, he has apologized on behalf of his client. Moreover, it has been disclosed that Russell never actually left the Hoover area during the 49 hours when she was presumed missing.

“We’re sorry for any problems we may have caused law enforcement. We’re sorry for anything we may have done to the public,” Anthony’s statement read.

As per NBC News, Carlee Russell’s attorney has held meetings with the Hoover Police Department and Jefferson County District Attorney’s office to strategize the most appropriate course of action going forward.

In an announcement updating the situation, Anthony said: “[…We are trying] to identify some things about where we go from here. There’s responsibilities that we need to take care of.”

“But it was a great meeting. And I want to commend the Hoover Police Department and the chief of police for their action and how they handled everything, so, hopefully, we can get to the end game as they say of this particular thing.”

“In the last few days, Russell lost her job, and her boyfriend Thomar Simmons broke up with her after initially defending her.”

The reason behind Russell’s actions still remains uncertain, and numerous individuals have expressed their indignation over the fact that other missing persons’ cases did not receive the same level of attention and public response as Russell’s fabricated one.