Rep. Chip Roy Faces Criticism Following Endorsement of DeSantis Over Trump

Over the weekend, Representative Chip Roy (R-TX) publicly declared his endorsement of Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) over former President Donald Trump. This marks Roy’s first endorsement of DeSantis as a presidential candidate, and the announcement came in response to Casey DeSantis sharing images of their recent trip to Iowa on X. While Roy had previously endorsed DeSantis, it was before the Florida governor officially entered the presidential race.

“I stand 100% alongside this wonderful woman & her husband, Ron DeSantis, because they are truly good & decent people. America needs THAT again,” Roy wrote. “I proudly fight for to be our GOP nominee for President because it’s time to Meet The Moment & WIN again.”

The post received substantial criticism from X users, with many dismissing the likelihood of DeSantis gaining traction in the GOP primary. While DeSantis currently holds the second position in most polls, former President Donald Trump maintains a double-digit lead.

“He will lose, as you will, in the primary,” posted one user in the replies to Roy’s post. 

“O please!! Good and decent. He lied to the people in Florida to get reelected so they can fund his campaign,” posted another. “There’s nothing good and decent about these liars and she parades these kids around like a token for sympathy votes!”

“So you’re voting against the very people that elected you. Got it.” posted a third. 

Political commentator Gunther Eagleman simply posted “No. One. Cares.”

A user replied to Roy’s endorsement, stating that it’s irrelevant whether he supports DeSantis or Trump, expressing worries about potential presidential bids from Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) or former First Lady Michelle Obama. Roy addressed the tweet, providing an explanation for his endorsement.

“Well — Ron DeSantis is debating Newsom on FoxNews next week,” Roy wrote. “Trump is not showing up to debates.”

Trump and Roy have had a strained relationship since the latter opposed Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election. In 2021, when Roy sought to become the House Republican Conference chairman, Trump endorsed Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), resulting in her successful bid for the position.

Currently leading the Republican candidates for the 2024 nomination, Trump holds a substantial advantage over DeSantis, with a 59.8% to 13.5% lead in RealClearPolitics’s latest polling average.

Trump is not anticipated to participate in the upcoming fourth Republican debate hosted by NewsNation on Dec. 6. Moderated by Elizabeth Vargas, Eliana Johnson, and Megyn Kelly, the event will not feature Trump, who has had previous conflicts with Kelly but has since reconciled for a one-on-one interview, suggesting an improved relationship despite past clashes.