“Rare Medical Condition Survivor Rescued by Loyal Therapy Dog”

A young woman from Georgia who suffers from postural tachycardia syndrome was saved from a potential medical crisis by her devoted service dog, whose actions were captured on video.

Katie Graham, a 24-year-old from Kennesaw, Georgia, battles with a rare condition that causes sudden and severe increases in heart rate, accompanied by extreme dizziness upon standing up.

Describing her condition as “debilitating,” Graham experiences these episodes randomly. Fortunately, four years ago, she received a therapy dog to help her cope with her condition, as reported by Breitbart News.

Named Bailey, the Australian shepherd therapy dog has become her unwavering support in managing her medical challenges.

The heartwarming bond between Katie and Bailey was impressively showcased through a security camera’s footage, later shared on TikTok, where it garnered nearly three million likes on Graham’s account.

During a recent episode at home, Bailey quickly sprang into action, fetching a bottle of medicine and water for Katie. Afterward, the astute therapy dog applied deep pressure therapy, helping his owner alleviate the effects of the medical incident.

Katie expressed immense gratitude for Bailey, considering the dog her lifeline, owing to the profound impact he has had on her life. Even when alone, Bailey provides her with a sense of security and freedom.

Bailey has been trained to detect the specific scent associated with Katie’s impending medical episodes, providing her with invaluable advance warning to find a safe spot and prepare for the situation.

This incident exemplifies the vital role service dogs play in the lives of individuals with certain medical conditions. Viewers were moved by the video, taking to the comments to praise Bailey as a hero.

Service dogs like Bailey serve as a poignant reminder of the significant benefits of training and the positive impact these animals can have on people’s lives. Beyond companionship, trained dogs can grant individuals with specific conditions a newfound sense of independence, as evident in Katie and Bailey’s story.