Parents Express Disapproval of Olivia Rodrigo’s Global Tour, Labeling It a Large-Scale Fundraiser for Abortion

This week, pop sensation Olivia Rodrigo gained attention for promoting pro-abortion messages at her Missouri concert, where she provided free emergency contraceptives and condoms to attendees. Concerned parents and strong pro-life advocates have voiced their opposition on social media, with one user criticizing Rodrigo for potentially alienating her future fan base.

During Rodrigo’s concert on March 12 in St. Louis, attendees were given packages containing two boxes of Julie, a pill akin to Plan B, along with cards displaying QR codes directing to abortion access resources and the Missouri Abortion Fund. Additionally, fans posted pictures of free condoms and promotional stickers being handed out at the venue.

The pop star had earlier revealed the initiation of the “Fund 4 Good” initiative during her “Guts World Tour” through a TikTok video shared at the end of the previous month.

The initiative is geared towards endorsing reproductive health rights for women, girls, and individuals, as asserted by Rodrigo. It directly supports community-based nonprofits advocating for girls’ education, reproductive rights, and the prevention of gender-based violence.

A percentage of the profits from Rodrigo’s tour ticket sales will be allocated to backing the “National Network of Abortion Funds,” an entity comprising 100 independent abortion funds dedicated to removing financial and logistical obstacles to abortion access.

Online commentators such as Holly Ash from Not The Bee are cautioning parents about Rodrigo’s affiliations, criticizing the pop star for endorsing what they perceive as the “genocide of the unborn.”

“The pop star is also supporting at least two state-level organizations to promote the killing of babies in the name of women’s ‘liberation,’” Ash shared. “She is supporting pro-LGBTQ groups and anti-Israel activists.”

Parents took to social media to bring attention to Rodrigo’s world tour. “The world is so confused that it believes killing babies is philanthropy,” wrote Shane Pruitt.

“As the father of a daughter, I am horrified by this,” said Bill Eigel. 

“Abortion hurts women.  Physical damage of course, but also psychological. Women who have had abortions have higher rates of anxiety, mental health problems, substance abuse, and suicide,” he added.