North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum Hospitalized Prior to GOP Presidential Debate

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, who has been praised by certain individuals as a rising figure in Republican politics, might not be able to participate in the initial GOP Presidential debate on Wednesday as planned. This is due to a leg injury he sustained while playing basketball with his staff in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The governor, a former software developer who holds billionaire status, has predominantly financed his campaign from his personal wealth, contributing over $8 million from his own resources in the most recent quarter.

Among the eight GOP presidential contenders selected, the Governor was extended an invitation to participate in the debate hosted by Fox News, set to take place at 9 p.m. ET.

Fox News reported early Wednesday that there is uncertainty regarding Burgum’s ability to stand during the debate, yet he remains optimistic about attending the ongoing debate rehearsals.

Fox reported: “Burgum qualified for the debate by earning 3% support in the Fox News Iowa poll but has otherwise remained a relatively obscure figure in national politics.”

The injury took place on Tuesday, compelling the governor to seek treatment at a nearby hospital’s emergency room. He received medical attention and was discharged later that same evening.

“Thank you to everyone for your kind messages and prayers. I suffered a minor injury during tonight’s debate, but I’m feeling good and looking forward to getting back on the campaign trail,” Burgum said.

Despite enjoying success and recognition within his home state, the debate presented a chance for the underdog candidate to gain national prominence.

Burgum said in an interview with Fox News Digital: “[The debate is] obviously an opportunity for us because…of the eight candidates who’ve made the stage, we’re the least well known. By definition that gives us the most upside.”

Notably, one Iowa poll showed his support level rising in recent weeks.

Undeterred and determined to press on, Burgum said: “One thing is clear, though – politics is a tough game, and it’s not for the faint of heart.”

At the age of 67, Burgum assumed the role of North Dakota’s governor in 2016. Back then, as a first-time contender, he was considered an unlikely candidate, but he managed to secure a resounding victory in the election. He aims to replicate this success in 2024.

There’s considerable anticipation surrounding Burgum’s potential participation in the inaugural GOP debate, attracting the attention of many observers.