Nolte: Arizona Democrats’ Fascist Tactics Hasten Case Against Donald Trump Amid Fani Willis’ Collapse

As the baseless case against former President Donald Trump collapses in Georgia, authoritarian Democrats in Arizona are hastening their own unfounded case, aiming to wrongfully incarcerate the leader of the opposing party.

“Arizona prosecutors in recent weeks issued grand jury subpoenas to multiple people linked to Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign,” reports the far-left Politico.

Politico describes this as “a sharp acceleration of their criminal investigation into efforts to overturn Joe Biden’s [alleged] victory in the state.”

The state’s Democrat attorney general, Kris Mayes, “is nearing a decision on whether to charge Trump’s allies in the state.”

As Trump has highlighted, the origins of these actions can be traced back to the Biden administration, albeit perhaps not directly from Biden himself. The current administration appears disconnected, with distractions like the “Murder She Wrote” marathon on TBS overshadowing important matters. Meanwhile, as Trump gains momentum in the polls and Biden faces waning support from key demographics such as youth, African American, and Hispanic voters, the Biden team resorts to undemocratic tactics reminiscent of a banana republic.

The new motto seems to be “if you can’t defeat him, imprison him,” fully supported by the mainstream media. In the RealClearPolitics average of polls, Biden’s approval rating has plummeted to 39 percent, with a disapproval rating of 57.3 percent, leaving him 18 points underwater.

During the same period in 2020, Biden held a 5.5-point average lead over Trump in direct matchups. Presently, Biden is trailing by 2.2 points, indicating a significant 7.7-point shift towards Trump. This marks the strongest polling performance for a Republican presidential candidate in two decades.

In a hypothetical four-way race involving third-party candidates Robert F. Kennedy, Cornel West, and Jill Stein, Trump maintains a nearly three-point lead over Biden.

Across the seven pivotal swing states crucial for determining the next president, Trump leads in six, despite allegedly losing to Biden in six of those states in 2020. Specifically, Trump holds leads in Arizona (+5.5), Nevada (+7.7), Wisconsin (+1), Michigan (+3.6), Pennsylvania (-0.8), North Carolina (+5.7), and Georgia (+6.5).

What’s even more alarming for Democrats is that Biden’s major shortcomings are unchangeable. Biden cannot secure the border without alienating supporters of open borders. His appearance as a frail elderly figure cannot be magically altered, and inflation shows no signs of abating.

The only recourse left for Democrats, supported by the corporate media, academia, Big Business, and Big Tech, seems to be either imprisoning Trump or subtly endorsing actions leading to his demise, a course they are actively pursuing.

Now Arizona is aiming to prosecute Trump. Let’s hope the attorney general isn’t romantically involved with the special prosecutor she’s excessively paying to target the former president.