Nikki Haley Appeals to Supreme Court for Trump’s Inclusion on Ballot, Asserts Confidence in Winning Fairly

In a Fox News town hall, Nikki Haley, former UN Ambassador, argued against removing former President Trump from the ballot. She expressed confidence in winning against him “fair and square,” emphasizing independence from Democratic assistance in Colorado and other states.

No, he shouldn’t be taken off the ballot and the Supreme Court needs to rule quickly before other states start to do this,” Haley said during a Fox News town hall in Iowa on Monday night. “This is one of those, don’t open a door if you don’t want to see what happens this is a door we don’t need to open. I will defeat President Trump fair and square. I don’t need anybody throwing him off the ballot to do it.

Applause followed Haley’s statement as she proceeded with her remarks.

“But this started back with COVID. The idea that you have people telling people what to do, how to think, what to how to live, all of that, that’s wrong. If they can do this to him, they’ll do it to someone else. We can’t have others saying, I don’t think he should be on the ballot. I think Americans can decide on their own whether they want him to be on the ballot or not.

The U.S. Supreme Court has granted a hearing on the inclusion of former President Trump in the Colorado Republican presidential primary ballot. This follows the state Supreme Court’s decision to remove him in December, citing the 14th Amendment and his alleged involvement in the January 6th Capitol riot, labeled an “insurrection” by Democrats.

The expedited hearing on Feb. 8 will delve into the historical significance of the 14th Amendment, enacted in 1868 post-Civil War, barring those who participated in insurrection from holding public office. Additionally, Maine Democrat Shenna Bellows announced Trump’s removal from the 2024 ballot, prompting a legal appeal from the Trump campaign.