Newsom Praises Biden’s Presidency as a ‘Masterclass’ in Leadership

On Sunday, Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) remarked on NBC’s “Meet The Press” that President Joe Biden’s leadership has been exemplary, likening it to a “masterclass” in governing the United States.

Anchor Kristen Welker said, “There are some pretty stark numbers you are facing. Seventy-six percent of voters say they have real concerns about President Biden’s ability to serve a second term. Do you think it is  responsible for Democrats to put him at the top of the ticket given these concerns?”

Newsom said, “I mean, what he’s done in three years, it’s been a masterclass. Close to 15 million jobs, that’s eight times more than the last three Republican presidents combined. The economy is booming. Inflation is cooling. It’s .6% more than it was in the summer of 2020 at just 3.1%.”

He continued, “We have American manufacturing coming home, all because of Biden’s wisdom, his temperance, his capacity to lead in a bipartisan manner, which is an underrepresented point. And, so, I have great confidence moving forward. And so the answer is, absolutely all in, in terms of the next four years for Joe Biden.”

Welker said, “These voters, though, aren’t complaining about his record. They’re talking about concerns about his ability to beat Trump, who you’ve called lightning, a threat, essentially to democracy. We’ve heard a lot of his allies say publicly, in private, ‘He is strong, he’s in command, he’s forceful.’ Does he need to do more to show that?”

Newsom said, “I think he’s doing everything he needs to do. I mean, he’s got an extraordinary record. He’s doing everything he needs to do on Ukraine at the moment. He’s doing everything he needs to do to wrestle some common sense as it relates to a bipartisan approach to address the issue of the border when Republicans couldn’t take yes for an answer because they don’t want to make that a political issue. He is leading.”

He aded, “So, no, from my humble prospective, not only have the last three years been extraordinary, I’ve been out, as you know, on the campaign trail. I was just out in California. I’ve seen him up close, I’ve seen him from far. But here’s my point: it’s because of his age that he’s been so successful.”