New York Police and Brave Citizen Save Two Individuals from Canal Drowning: A Remarkable Act of Heroism!

Two Brockport, New York, police officers and a concerned civilian came to the rescue of two individuals who had fallen into the Erie Canal during an incident that occurred near Queen and Clinton streets in the early hours of September 10. This incident was reported to authorities by an alert from a person who had spotted someone in distress in the Erie Canal, as detailed in a report from ABC affiliate WHAM.

Officers Evan Blodgett and Joshua Sime were quick to respond and found Melanie Schwab, aged 34, desperately calling for help while struggling to stay afloat in the water. Schwab expressed deep concern for her friend, 33-year-old Jason Newcomb, who lacked swimming skills. Newcomb was found motionless and face down in the water by the officers.

The courageous rescue efforts of the Brockport officers were complemented by the assistance of Clarence Carithers, a civilian who had noticed the distressed couple in the canal. Officer Blodgett wasted no time in administering crucial CPR, a life-saving procedure, to Newcomb.

Simultaneously, Officer Sime and other law enforcement personnel focused on ensuring Schwab’s safety. Sime described how Blodgett secured his belt, allowing him to lean over the canal’s embankment and reach Newcomb in need of immediate assistance.

“And for (Schwab), Officer (John) Vadas and I were able to throw her a flotation device and get her over the bank where we were again assisted by Mr. Carithers and pulled her out of the water,” Sime said.

Newcomb and Schwab were engaged in conversation close to the canal’s edge when Newcomb slipped and plunged into the water, as reported by Breitbart News. Schwab instinctively leaped into action, attempting to rescue her friend, as highlighted in the report.

Both Newcomb and Schwab have fully recovered from their ordeal and have been released from the hospital. The actions of the officers and Carithers have received widespread acclaim and gratitude.

“Great save,” commented one user on social media. Congratulations to all involved.”

“You make us all so proud!” remarked another individual on social media.

Another user praised the officers.

“Blodgett and Sime are good police,” the individual posted. “But that is because they are really good men! Well done fellas!”