Neighbor in Massachusetts Assists in Locating Dog Missing for 16 Days

A family in Duxbury, Massachusetts, experienced the joy of reuniting with their beloved soft-coated wheaten terrier, Henry, after he went missing for over two weeks, as reported by WCVB.

Stephanie Mansfield, overwhelmed with relief and happiness, was finally reunited with her cherished canine companion on Monday.

The American Kennel Club characterizes terriers as friendly, cheerful, and remarkably loyal, which might explain the deep bond Mansfield shares with Henry, who had been missing since August 19.

The AKC also acknowledges that this breed can be “just stubborn enough to remind you he’s a terrier.”

Mansfield sought assistance from Missing Dogs Massachusetts, an organization dedicated to locating lost dogs, as mentioned in the report.

Missing Dogs Massachusetts (MDM) aided in the search by disseminating flyers regarding the lost dog, and one of these flyers managed to capture the interest of a nearby resident named Kevin Bownes.

Recalling the sound of a dog’s bark emanating from the vicinity behind his property, Bownes decided to investigate the source of the noise on a Sunday evening. To his astonishment, he found Henry, the dog many had feared was lost forever.

“Luckily for Henry the dog, he kept on barking,” said Bownes. “He was in an area of tall weeds, a swampy area, and he was surrounded by a canal.”

He added that while Henry was stuck in thick mud, he seemed to be in good health.

On Monday morning, under Bownes’ direction, Mansfield pinpointed the location where Henry had been trapped, as detailed in the report.

The discovery of the dog left both Bownes and Mansfield deeply moved. Mansfield revealed that she had once found Henry’s barking slightly annoying, but ironically, it proved instrumental in his rescue.

“Henry, lost dog from Duxbury is safe!” MDM announced in a social media post.

“After more than 2 weeks with no sightings, barking was heard in a nearby neighborhood for the past 2 days. This morning a local homeowner, Kevin, was able to safely retrieve Henry from a wet boggy area.”

Bownes displayed exceptional eagerness in aiding with the rescue, citing how the very same group had been instrumental in reuniting him with his own dog a couple of years earlier.

“Kevin is our hero,” Mansfield proclaimed with gratitude.