MTG Raises Concerns About Potential ‘Revolt’ in MAGA if Trump Chooses Haley for Next Administration

During her campaign, Trump openly derided Haley, assigning her the nickname “birdbrain.”

Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has issued a warning, stating that MAGA supporters would vehemently resist any potential appointment of Nikki Haley in a Trump administration.

Greene stressed that even considering Haley for a minor role would spark a revolt among the MAGA base, as they perceive her as a representative of the establishment wing of the Republican Party, from which they have distanced themselves. Additionally, Greene accused Haley of dishonesty, claiming she had previously committed not to challenge Trump.

“MAGA would revolt if Nikki Haley were to even be given an internship in Trump’s next administration,” Marjorie Taylor Greene said. “She represents the neocon establishment America last wing of the Republican Party that we are absolutely done with. Also, she lied and said she would not run against Trump.”

Haley’s campaign strongly advocates for active American engagement in global affairs, a stance criticized by some as “neoconservative” or “neocon.”

Despite serving as the U.N. ambassador during Trump’s initial term, Haley finds herself in third place in the Republican nomination race, trailing behind both Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a prominent figure in Trump’s MAGA circle, addressed the increasing speculation about a potential Trump-Haley ticket. Haley’s growing support among Republican primary voters, particularly those disenchanted with the former president, has led to discussions about her as a possible running mate.

In national polls, Haley competes closely with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, both emerging as significant contenders closest to Trump. Notably, Haley has faced less criticism from the former president compared to the attention directed at DeSantis.

Greene’s unequivocal dismissal of a Trump-Haley alliance aligns with ongoing conversations about the speculative ticket, despite statements from influential figures.

Lara Trump, Trump’s daughter-in-law, alluded to the prospect of Haley as a running mate, underscoring that Trump has not dismissed the idea, despite maintaining a substantial lead in the majority of polls.

“Crazier things have happened,” Lara Trump told Newsmax’s Eric Bolling about a potential Trump-Haley ticket. “I don’t know, I would never say never with Donald J. Trump.”

Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy emphasized the significance of a running mate complementing a candidate rather than duplicating them, suggesting the importance of achieving balance in the selection of a suitable partner.

“Now if I was picking for purely political decisions, what it looks like today is the anti-Trump vote is going to Nikki Haley,” McCarthy said, adding that Haley looks like the person most able to consolidate the vote.

“Well, right now I think it would be Nikki Haley, in my view,” he added, when asked who the right person would be for Trump to pick up more votes. “But the question is: Who you select, will they serve? So that’s another question you have to have. And it’s about addition.”