Mother’s Courageous Decision to Reject Abortion Following Brain Cancer Diagnosis, Now Facing Less Than a Year to Live

A mother in Michigan, Tasha Kann, made a resolute choice to continue her pregnancy despite a terminal cancer diagnosis. Recent medical evaluations tracking her rapidly progressing illness now reveal she has less than a year left to live.

Last year, when Tasha Kann was 20 weeks pregnant with her second child, she confronted a life-altering decision. She received a devastating diagnosis of anaplastic astrocytoma grade III, an uncommon and aggressive malignant tumor.

Medical experts strongly advised her to undergo an abortion to enable her treatment, making it clear that they wouldn’t proceed with the necessary medical interventions while she was pregnant. However, driven by her deep Christian faith, Kann firmly declined this recommendation.

“My baby ultimately had nothing to do with the cancer, so killing her wasn’t going to take the cancer away,” Kann said during a recent interview with Fox & Friends.

Throughout the challenging ordeal, Taylor Kann, Tasha’s husband, demonstrated his steadfast faith.

“I knew that when she [his wife] made that decision, she was determined — and I knew that everything was going to be OK,” he said. Gracey, their daughter, was born healthy in October 2022.

Tasha, who already had a two-year-old son named Deklan, made the determined decision to proceed with her pregnancy.

“She was my baby, and I knew that keeping her alive [meant] God would keep me alive,” Kann said. Determined to combat the cancer, Kann explored holistic methods during her pregnancy. These included adhering to a Keto-like diet, engaging in regular exercise, and consuming supplements. She has been undergoing immunotherapy treatments, primarily in Texas, and even had a port installed for therapy administration every four hours.

Yet, the following year brought even bleaker updates. Medical specialists adjusted her prognosis upon observing the cancer’s advancement, now predicting her life expectancy to be under a year. This relentless cancer, newly identified as Gliomatosis Cerebri, affects the central nervous system and the brain’s lobes.

Tasha and her husband are currently investigating alternative immunotherapy possibilities at an integrated cancer treatment facility in Houston, Texas. Kann remains resolute in her choice to forgo chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

“The oncologist back in Michigan told me they didn’t have anything that could really help me anymore,” Kann said. Currently, Kann administers her immunotherapy treatments at home through a port in her chest, requiring 12-minute infusions every four hours.

Despite the ongoing battle with cancer, Kann’s conviction remains unshaken.

“She’s a miracle,” she said, referring to her daughter Gracey.