Mexican Government Strongly Criticizes DeSantis’ Recently Enacted Immigration Legislation

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican, took the lead in pushing for a law aimed at discouraging undocumented immigrants from relocating to the Sunshine State. Mexican government officials have raised objections to the passing of Florida’s SB 1718 as law.

In a press release, the Mexican government stated that “criminalization is not the solution to the issue of undocumented immigration,” reminding DeSantis of the contributions made by undocumented immigrants to Florida’s economy, society, and culture.

SB 1718 prohibits Florida counties or cities from providing financial assistance or official identification documents to individuals who cannot prove their lawful presence in the country. The new law also invalidates out-of-state licenses issued to undocumented immigrants in Florida and requires certain hospitals to verify immigration status during admissions or registration.

Under the new law, employers who knowingly hire or retain undocumented immigrants without verifying their employment eligibility through E-Verify may face penalties imposed by the state.

Mexico’s objections, as expressed by its Foreign Ministry, focus on concerns related to human rights, the potential increase in hate crimes, and the intensified criminalization of undocumented immigration.

This public objection represents the latest development in an ongoing dispute between Mexico and Florida’s governor. Mexico has previously explored potential legal responses to Florida’s policies regarding the relocation of migrants.

The Mexican government cautioned that there could be negative repercussions for diplomatic relations between the United States and Mexico while vowing to allocate additional resources and provide legal support to Mexican citizens residing in Florida.

“The Government of Mexico will not idly stand by as measures that stigmatize and criminalize our fellow citizens are implemented,” stated the Ministry in a released statement.

DeSantis, who is considered a potential Republican presidential candidate, has implemented over 200 new laws, many of which address issues related to illegal immigration, including penalties for employers hiring undocumented immigrants and requirements for hospitals to inquire about patients’ citizenship status.

The Florida governor’s stance on immigration aligns with policies established by former President Donald Trump, and he has also pledged to complete the construction of the Mexican border wall.

According to a Reuters report, the Mexican government has promised to protect undocumented Mexicans in the state.

“Xenophobia and white nationalism can only sow discord, pain, and confrontation,” declared the Ministry. “We cannot remain silent in the face of such an unjust act of criminalizing migration.”