Lindsey Graham: ‘Biden Has Caused Global Chaos in Every Possible Manner’

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that President Joe Biden had “screwed the world up every way you can.”

Graham said, “The best way to judge President Trump’s second term is by what he did in his first term. Russia didn’t invade on President Trump’s watch. Hamas didn’t try to destroy Israel on his watch. The Taliban weren’t in charge on his watch. Here’s what I would say, if you’re worried about world being on fire, you’re right.”

Anchor Kristen Welker said, “Former President Trump has talked about being a dictator on day one, it’s nice to have a strong man running our country and he’s talked about retribution.”

Graham said, “He said retribution would be success. Who knocked Trump off the ballot in Colorado? Who knocked Trump off the ballot in Maine? There is a liberal jihad against everything Trump.”

He continued, “Joe Biden’s policies are bad for America and have got the world on fire.”

Graham added, “You have to vote between Trump and Biden. Biden has screwed the world up every way you can, broken borders and the world is on fire. If he’s back and if he’s with it and energetic, get in a room with Donald Trump and debate. Take questions from people like yourself rather than reading a teleprompter if there’s ever an election in the history of America that deserved a debate between the two candidates it’s this election. Trump just told me the campaign just told me, any time anywhere, let’s debate.”