Larry Elder Expresses Willingness to Serve as Donald Trump’s Vice Presidential Candidate

Larry Elder, a conservative talk radio host who is currently running for president, revealed recently that he is willing to consider the role of vice president. In an interview with Newsweek, Elder expressed his openness to becoming the running mate for either former President Donald Trump or Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Earlier, Elder had advised Republicans to rally behind a candidate who does not bear the Trump surname in order to secure victory in the November 2024 elections.

Navigating a delicate political path, Elder conveyed his admiration for Trump while acknowledging the potential difficulties the former president could encounter in appealing to undecided voters.

Trump continues to enjoy a substantial advantage in GOP surveys, yet he grapples with various legal disputes, such as allegations of mishandling classified information and claims of business fraud.

“I am running for president but would consider the offer if I am not the party nominee,” Elder said.

According to a CNN report, Elder has placed significant emphasis on border security, the alleged narrative of systemic racism, and the issue of absent fathers in households as his primary campaign focal points.

Elder, who rose to prominence during the 2021 recall election against California Governor Gavin Newsom, is actively striving to secure the necessary individual donations to qualify for participation in the initial Republican National Committee debate.

A vocal adversary of President Joe Biden, Elder recently raised doubts about the president’s suitability for the position, referencing allegations of cognitive decline.

The Republican presidential primaries for the 2024 election are slated to commence in February 2024, culminating in the selection of the party’s nominee at the Republican National Convention scheduled for July.

Elder stands among several prominent Republican contenders vying for the presidency in 2024. Potential running mates for him include Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Mike Pence, Vivek Ramaswamy, Nikki Haley, Asa Hutchinson, Tim Scott, Francis Suarez, Doug Burgum, Will Hurd, and Chris Christie.