KJP asserts that Americans should afford ‘Bidenomics’ additional ‘time,’ attributing the insufficient backing to the pandemic

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stressed the importance of patience regarding the outcomes of President Biden’s economic strategies, urging Americans to allow more time for their effects to materialize.

Addressing concerns about voter sentiment, she acknowledged the challenges posed by the pandemic and highlighted the president’s endeavors to stabilize an economy that faced turmoil upon his assumption of office.

During an interview with MSNBC’s Willie Geist, Jean-Pierre delved into the gradual impact of “Bidenomics,” emphasizing the intricacies of economic recovery and the time required for policies to yield tangible results. She underscored economists’ indications of the necessity of time for these policies to take root, emphasizing Biden’s unwavering commitment to ongoing efforts.

“Look, we understand what the American people went through these past three years, right? We came out of a pandemic, right? A pandemic that we haven’t seen in a hundred years. And when the president walked in, the economy was upside-down,” she said. 

Jean-Pierre continued, “And so we get it. We get that, so it’s going to take a little bit of time for folks to feel what the ‘Bidenomics’ has been able to do. That’s not something that I’m saying. That’s something that economists have said, right? It takes a little bit of time. But it doesn’t mean, it doesn’t mean that the president is not going to continue to work.”

In addressing inquiries regarding declining support among diverse voter groups, Jean-Pierre highlighted concrete advancements in unemployment rates within the Black and Latino communities since the inception of Biden’s term.

“What we have done for the Black community and the Latino community, the Black community, when the president walked in, unemployment was 9.2%. Now, it is under 6%. That is because of ‘Bidenomics,’ as we started this conversation. Very similarly, in the Latino community, we saw unemployment go down. And we saw, also, when you think about wealth, the wealth gap, the economic wealth, that grew with both communities,” she told the MSNBC hosts.

Emphasizing the administration’s commitment to equity, she stated that it constituted a fundamental aspect of every policy and legislation formulated under Biden.

“So look, the president has always, always put equity at the center of every policy he’s put forward, every legislation that he’s put forward. Because we understand that many communities have been left behind, have been left behind. We’re not trying to do the trickle-down economics. We really, truly are not. That’s not what the president believes in,” she said.

The adoption of the term “Bidenomics” has drawn criticism within the Democratic Party, as some strategists view it as a messaging misstep.

Party concerns revolve around the potential gap between the policy’s positive changes and voters’ perceptions, cautioning about the risks of this messaging strategy affecting Biden’s re-election prospects.