Judge’s Cautionary Message to All Americans, One Year Following Pronouncement of ‘Border Invasion’

Judge Dale Carruthers, from Terrell County, Texas, delivered a warning to all Americans, emphasizing that the impact of illegal aliens extends beyond border communities. Carruthers gained attention last year for labeling the continuous influx of illegal aliens across the southwest border as an “invasion.” This declaration prompted her to switch political parties, leaving the Democratic Party and registering as a Republican.

Carruthers drew attention to the potential dangers associated with this crisis, including the presence of single military-aged men, runners, traffickers, and smugglers who frequently cross into Texas. The Western Journal reported that these individuals often engage in illegal activities such as trespassing, theft, human trafficking, and drug smuggling.

In her recent remarks, Carruthers expressed particular concern regarding the trafficking of the highly dangerous drug fentanyl, which is increasingly infiltrating American communities and even affecting schoolchildren. She emphasized that the involvement of Mexican cartels in these activities should not be overlooked.

Carruthers cited the perceived lack of interest from the Democratic Party in addressing the border crisis as her primary reason for switching political affiliations. She stressed the importance of safeguarding the sovereignty of Texas and other states, while prioritizing the safety and well-being of American citizens. Carruthers urged Americans to recognize the gravity of the situation and not ignore it.

“We have an army invading us,” she said, referring to the influx of illegal immigrants. “They have penetrated our country and they have invaded us.”

By sharing her remarks, Carruthers aims to raise awareness about the continuous border crisis and its profound repercussions on communities across the entire nation, extending beyond those situated directly along the border.

“We’re telling you what’s happening, Carruthers said. “Your house is on fire right now. Open your eyes.”

“Get the scales off your eyes,” the judge added. “This is your nation, and you can stop this.”

Her statements emphasize the seriousness of the situation and the imperative need for comprehensive policies and enforcement measures to tackle it.