John Fetterman’s New Mustache Sets Social Media Abuzz, Drawing Comparisons to ‘Breaking Bad’ Character Walter White

Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) has gained attention for his casual attire, health concerns, and goatee.

During the past weekend, Fetterman, who had been out of the spotlight for a few weeks, garnered significant attention after revealing a new mustache—strikingly resembling a character from “Breaking Bad.”

The New York Post highlighted that onlookers remarked how the former lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania resembled the character Walter White. One person commented, “It’s like Fetterman has entered his Walter White phase.”

Bryan Cranston, the acclaimed actor, portrayed the character Walter White on “Breaking Bad.”

Notably, White’s character is renowned for his transformation from a mild-mannered chemistry teacher to a ruthless methamphetamine manufacturer.

Fox News noted that Fetterman shaved his goatee and grew a mustache because he lost a bet. When asked by an X user what game Sen. Fetterman was betting on with his son, his wife said, “[C]hess, always chess.”

Friends and foes were quick to comment on Fetterman’s new look.

Political strategist Rachel Bitecofer wrote, “Fetterman is Breaking Bad,”

Director Jay Arnold commended Fetterman’s selfie, expressing, “You appear fantastic!”

Conversely, some ridiculed Fetterman’s appearance, humorously suggesting, “In the upcoming election cycle, let’s forgo advertisements and instead offer blue rock candy and ‘I am the one who knocks’ bumper stickers.”

The mention of ‘blue rock candy’ alludes to the distinctive blue methamphetamine produced by Walter White in the series.

Certain individuals have proposed that Fetterman’s new facial hair intentionally pays homage to pop culture, possibly serving as an effort to divert attention from his persistent health concerns.

Fetterman did not seem to appreciate the attention. “There’s a fixation on a lot of dumb s–t,” Fetterman said. “You know, I’ve had this exact mustache in 2019 before I shaved it for a summer look.”

The Senator added: “Everything is turning into a culture war. Not everything has to be a think piece, you know.”

Speaking about his recent bout of depression, which necessitated a six-week convalescence at a treatment center, Fetterman said: “[Battling depression is] a burden, but a privilege, too, to talk about it. It’s also an opportunity to be very bipartisan. Red or blue, if you have depression, get help, please. Don’t ever, ever, ever harm yourself. Do not leave behind a blueprint of that.”

Fetterman’s recent appearance has garnered significant attention and sparked discussions on the internet. While some enjoy the resemblance talk, there are those who might raise concerns about adopting a style that even slightly recalls a notorious fictional criminal genius from a well-known TV show.