JACK POSOBIEC: ‘Since 2015, it’s been patriots against the pedophile ring’

In the recent episode of Human Events Daily, Jack Posobiec emphasized the broader context of the recently unveiled Epstein files. These documents, featuring names like Bill Clinton, also exonerate Donald Trump from any misconduct.

The files depict a clear divide in America’s influential figures, categorizing them as either patriots or associated with the alleged “pedo ring,” a situation that has persisted since 2015.

“Everything that you’ve seen since 2015, to today, it boils down to this,” Posobiec began. “It’s the Patriots versus the pedo ring, and it’s been the Patriots versus the pedo ring ever since.

“Because when one man who was not on that list, a man who couldn’t be bribed. A man who didn’t have blackmail on, stood up and decided to run for president,” he said. “Then everyone you see on that list turned against him and did everything they could to stop him and they’ve been doing it ever since. That man’s name is Donald Trump.”

Posobiec said: “Trump knew that he wasn’t on the list because he knew that he didn’t do anything. So I didn’t seem worried about this. And I saw people out there from both sides of the aisle, I should say, people that are supporting other candidates in the primaries lying and saying that Trump would be on the list, saying that his name would be redacted saying all of this stuff.”

“Even in depositions, witnesses say he was never at at Epstein’s houses. He was never on Epstein’s island. He never participated in any inappropriate contact with any of the girls.”

He added that “Trump has been investigated more than anyone else on the planet” and that he is “the cleanest guy in New York Business, the cleanest guy in New York real estate … the only clean politician because he isn’t a politician in modern American history.”

During her sworn testimony, witness Johanna Sjoberg unequivocally denied any “sexual contact” with Former President Donald Trump. Additionally, Virginia Giuffre clarified that reports suggesting Trump had flirted with her were inaccurate; she asserted she had never witnessed them together.

President Trump’s interaction with Epstein was limited to discussing the possibility of visiting one of his casinos, a plan that never materialized.

“Nothing ever happened,” Posobiec concluded. “Folks, understand everything that we’ve seen for nearly a decade, 2015 to now, the patriots versus the pedo ring. It’s not about Jeffrey Epstein. It’s about who was behind him. Who created him. The International blackmailers of geopolitics.”