Iowa Results Highlight ‘Vulnerabilities in Donald Trump,’ Says Democratic Governor

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker, a Democrat and Biden campaign surrogate, asserted on MSNBC Monday night that Donald Trump’s performance in the Iowa caucuses reveals the “vulnerabilities of Donald Trump.”

Despite Pritzker’s claim, Trump emerged as the clear winner with 51.01% of the votes, followed by Ron DeSantis at 21.23%, Nikki Haley at 19.12%, and Vivek Ramaswamy at 7.66%, who later suspended his campaign and endorsed Trump.

“This is the most famous Republican. He’s the guy who, you know, basically built the modern Republican Party, the MAGA Republican Party that Democrats are running against and half the people in that party didn’t vote for Donald Trump,” Pritzker told MSNBC.

“So, I think that is telling. It tells you the weakness of Donald Trump and also the opportunity for Democrats, because in the end, look, if the base doesn’t turn out for Donald Trump in the general election enthusiastically, and Democrats turn out its base, this is all about, you know, independents, and independents don’t like Donald Trump,” he added. “So, I think we’re in a pretty good place tonight to see what’s happening on the Republican side.”

Pritzker then said “If Donald Trump in fact is the winner tonight and able to win in New Hampshire and in South Carolina, probably the race is over, but the truth is all of these candidates are running as sort of mini-me Trump Republicans.”

Last year, Pritzker expressed his commitment to backing Biden’s re-election campaign in 2024.