Interview with Piers Morgan: Crackhead Barney, the Performance Artist Who Confronted Alec Baldwin, Shares his Perspective

Crackhead Barney, the abrasive “performance artist” who recently accosted Alec Baldwin at a coffee shop in New York, gave a bizarre and hostile interview to Piers Morgan on Wednesday, inviting the shock and disgust of the typically dry anchor.

Crackhead Barney has received newfound attention after the viral video of her harassment of Alec Baldwin, in which she calls him a “criminal” for the purportedly accidental shooting of Halyna Hutchins on the set of the film Rust.

After this charming introduction, Barney demands that Baldwin say “free Palestine,” herself opining “f*ck Israel,” prompting a heroically patient Baldwin to urge her to leave, before apparently attempting to grab her phone.

(Full disclosure: I once read my poetry at an event featuring Crackhead Barney, namely at the infamous New Peoples’ Cinema Club Festival of 2021, branded as an “anti-woke film festival,” in which Crackhead Barney performed her usual schtick of railing against the supposed evils of white people while dressed in an outrageous costume. She was reportedly invited at the behest of organizer Trevor Bazile, a provacateur best-known for selling a MAGA hat as a piece of found art, who died on the last night of the festival. I withhold my personal opinion of Barney’s performance.)

This individual’s interview with the polarizing British television anchor was typically unhinged and combative, with Crackhead Barney belligerently assailing Morgan to express his support for Palestine.

“Hey Piers! I’ve been waiting for you Piers f*cking Morgan!” she exclaimed after her introduction on the show. “I want my diaper changed for you, do you like it?”

Piers responded with a characteristically British stiff upper lip and wry humor, quipping, “Not particularly, no,” in response to Crackhead Barney’s question about her diaper.

The activist, appearing distressed with sporadic white paint and bandaged limbs, vigorously questioned the host and demanded acknowledgment of Palestine’s struggles.

“Can I take you back, if I may, to what you did to Alec Baldwin? Can you explain why you did it?” Morgan inquired.

“What did I do to Alec Baldwin? Do you see the damage that Alec did to me? Do you see the damage? Look at my arms, look at my arms, Piers! Look at my neck! I was maimed by a white man on Monday. You’re telling me what I did?” her voice filled with agitation.

The interview escalated as “Crackhead Barney” accused Baldwin of harming her, which Morgan questioned for veracity, pointing out her tendency towards dramatics might undermine the seriousness of her advocacy.

“Piers, Piers! Are you another white devil? Piers Morgan! Don’t do this to me, Piers! It’s too early in the morning, Piers! Piers, it’s too early,” she shouted. Morgan eventually expressed his frustration, labeling her actions as one of the most pathetic displays he’d encountered, reflecting on the activist’s recurring theme of ambushing public figures to promote her cause.

Apart from her recent antagonism of the Glengarry, Glen Ross actor and her abrasive performance on a bill with this author, Crackhead Barney has a notable history of attention-seeking stunts.

Crackhead Barney, a performance artist known for her audacious public engagements, has made a significant mark with her unorthodox activism methods. She first gained wider attention at the New York City Veterans Day Parade, where her antics included wearing a DIY camo leotard and interacting provocatively with parade participants, as reported by Input magazine.

Since then, she has attempted to seek attention with numerous stunts involving high-profile figures, including Andrew Giuliani, Eric Adams, and “QAnon Shaman” Jacob Chansley.

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