Haley Declines Committing to Back Trump If He Secures Nomination

On Sunday, during an appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” former Republican Governor Nikki Haley from South Carolina declined to confirm her support for former President Donald Trump if he were to win the Republican presidential nomination.

Here is a partial transcript of the exchange:

KARL: We’re just about of time, but I’ve got to ask, you had said earlier in this process that you will support Donald Trump if he wins the Republican nomination. But since you made that pledge, he has encouraged NATO – he encouraged Russia – said he would encourage Russia to do whatever the hell it wants with – with a NATO ally. You have called him diminished, unhinged, unfit for office.

Are you still making that pledge that you would actually support, after all of that, Donald Trump for president of the United States if he beats you for the Republican nomination?

HALEY: I mean keep in mind, I am running against him for a reason.

KARL: No, I know.

HALEY: I’m running against him because I don’t think he should be the right – I don’t think he’s the right person at the right time. I don’t think he should be president. The last thing on my mind is who I’m going to support. The only thing on my mind is how we’re going to win this. The only thing on my mind is how we’re going to make sure that we correct what’s happening in America and we bring this country back together, allow her to heal and move in a strong way.

I’m not thinking about who I’m going to support in an election because (INAUDIBLE) the fact that we are going to have a –

KARL: But – but you’ve already said it.

HALEY: We are going to have a female president of the United States. It will either be me or it will be Kamala Harris. And if Donald Trump is the nominee of the – in – for the Republican Party, he will not win. Every poll shows that. He will not win. And we will have a president Kamala Harris.

I’m not going to allow that to happen. I’m not stopping. I’m not going anywhere. We’re going to do this for the long haul and we’re going to finish it.

KARL: Does that mean you will not support him if he’s the Republican nominee?

HALEY: That means I’m going to run and I’m going to win. And y’all can talk about support later. Right now you can ask him if he’s going to support me when I’m the nominee.

KARL: Do you think he would?

HALEY: Do you think he would? I highly doubt it.