Guest on ABC Identifies Three Major Problems in Biden’s Re-Election Effort

During Sunday’s airing of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Jonathan Martin, Politico’s Bureau Chief and senior political columnist, highlighted three primary concerns regarding President Joe Biden’s campaign for re-election.

Preceding this segment, Susan Page, Washington bureau chief at USA Today, emphasized the importance of President Biden addressing the potential trial involving his son Hunter with clear and resolute communication.

“I know the charges against Hunter are very different than the charges against Trump and we shouldn’t make them equivalent but it gives Republicans this huge, great talking point to kinda muddy the waters about the legal troubles that former President Trump is in, and the current position that President Biden is taking on this, his public position, is not sustainable,” Page said.

“His son will probably be on trial. There’s every possibility he’ll be on trial during this campaign. We all understand that Joe Biden loves his son very much but he needs to say something like what Gov. Waltz said, who is, by the way, very effective, I thought, in saying ‘if Hunter violated the law, he needs to be held accountable.’ That’s what an American president should be saying,” she continued.

“The Biden staff can’t even get to the president about the issue because they don’t want to address a sensitive topic with the president. They’ve got a challenge,” Martin pointed out. “Chuck, I think Biden has basically got three issues where he’s not figured out what to say. One is, obviously, the questions about Hunter Biden, his son, the other is what to say about the investigations into Donald Trump and the third is about his age. Those are three massive issues that are sort of clouding his reelection campaign.”

Host Chuck Todd commented as well, saying, “The one thing I want to point out here, this stuff has taken a huge toll on him. Biden, right before the 2020 election, he was right-side-up, which, in our polarized politics, is quite astonishing. Trump and Rudy Giuliani began this campaign to try to tarnish Biden and turn him into the Clinton name with the obsession over the Ukraine businesses with Hunter, and it’s worked. His numbers now look more like Hillary Clinton ’16 than Biden ’20. Kimberly, maybe abortion is the difference there, that that will bail him out, but that doesn’t look good for him.”

Biden’s approval ratings have been declining rapidly, as evidenced by a recent CNN poll indicating that 51% of Americans believe the economy is deteriorating, while Biden’s approval rating stands at 41%. Another survey, conducted by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago on behalf of the Associated Press, revealed that only 36% of respondents approve of Biden’s handling of the economy.

Furthermore, President Biden is confronted with legal challenges alongside those involving his son. Reportedly, Hunter’s legal team has purportedly issued threats to subpoena Biden as a witness should the Department of Justice pursue charges related to an alleged unlawful firearm purchase, as per a report by Politico.