Governor Prohibits Chinese Entities from Acquiring Land in Proximity to Military Bases

On Tuesday, Governor Mike Parson (R-MO) issued an executive order prohibiting foreign entities from countries deemed as American adversaries, including China, Russia, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela, from acquiring agricultural land within a 10-mile radius of military facilities in Missouri.

This action reflects growing national security apprehensions among lawmakers regarding land acquisitions, particularly by Chinese companies, near military bases throughout the United States.

“With heightened concerns regarding ownership of Missouri farm land by foreign adversaries, especially China, we are signing this order to safeguard our military and intelligence assets, prevent security threats to our state, and give Missourians greater peace of mind,” Parson said. “When it comes to China and other foreign adversaries, we must take commonsense precautions that protect Missourians and our security resources.”

Arkansas and Florida, among other states, have implemented comparable measures in response to heightened concerns about China. Missouri presently sees 42,596 acres of farmland under ownership by Chinese entities.

“I further declare that no Missouri agricultural land shall be acquired or owned by an alien or foreign business who is a citizen, resident, or incorporated under the laws of a foreign adversary,” Parson’s executive order, which does not impact existing land owners, says.

Missouri hosts prominent military installations such as Rosecrans Air National Guard Base, Whiteman Air Force Base, and Fort Leonard Wood. Approval from the Missouri Department of Agriculture will be mandatory for any foreign acquisition of land.