Former IRS Contractor Receives 5-Year Prison Sentence for Leaking Trump’s Tax Returns

On Monday, Judge Ana Reyes handed down a five-year prison sentence, three years of supervised release, and a $5000 fine to Charles Littlejohn, the former IRS contractor responsible for leaking former President Donald Trump’s tax records.

In rebuking Littlejohn, Judge Reyes stated that the deliberate disclosure of confidential information was “an unacceptable assault on our constitutional democracy.”

Judge Reyes added: “The press tells us Democracy dies in darkness. It also dies in lawlessness. There are numerous lawful means to bring things to light. Trump was under no obligation to expose his returns. People could vote for someone else. They could run against him.”

Littlejohn allegedly lost his position as an IRS consultant in 2019 after disclosing Trump’s tax returns to the media, citing concerns about Trump being a “threat to democracy,” as per the Department of Justice. Despite the DOJ recommending prosecution on one count, Judge Reyes disagreed, emphasizing the substantial nature of Littlejohn’s actions and the need for increased accountability.

During the trial, prosecutors contended that Littlejohn utilized his access to unmasked taxpayer data as a tool to advance his personal political agenda, asserting that he believed himself to be beyond the constraints of the law.

“A free press and public engagement with the media are critical to any healthy democracy, but stealing and leaking private, personal tax information strips individuals of the legal protection of their most sensitive data,” prosecutors added.

According to a Fox News report, Judge Reyes agreed and stated during the judgment that “Littlejohn had clearly concocted a long-term plan to violate Trump’s privacy.”

“He did not make a snap judgment. He made a series of decisions,” said Judge Reyes. “This court cannot let others view this conduct as acceptable. I need to send the strongest possible message that we are a nation of laws.”