Florida GOP Chooses to Remove Chairman Facing Sexual Assault Allegations

In a demonstration of accountability within the GOP, Florida party leaders voted on Monday to remove Chairman Christian Ziegler, who faces accusations of sexual assault. Multiple reports suggest that Ziegler, along with his wife Bridget, had been previously accused of engaging in unconventional sexual behavior.

The current sexual assault allegation involves a reported non-consensual “threesome.” An investigation by the Sarasota Police Department was initiated in October, but Ziegler, who denies the charges, has not been formally charged. Governor DeSantis and prominent Florida Republicans had earlier called for Ziegler’s resignation, leading to his suspension in mid-December amid the controversy.

Amidst the ongoing investigation and facing a challenging election year, GOP officials formally ousted him as chairman on Monday, as reported by Florida’s Voice News and ABC News.

State Sen. Joe Gruters, Ziegler’s predecessor, said: “We have to move past this and …focus on 2024.”

Gruters added: “Florida’s one of the most important states for the Republicans and we have to continue to bring home victories, especially for Rick Scott and the top of the ticket with Trump as our nominee, eventually.”

The decision to remove Ziegler was supported by a vote of 135-65. Vice Chairman Evan Power is set to take over Ziegler’s position.

In the leadership election, Power secured victory by defeating National Committeeman Peter Feaman, garnering significant endorsements from notable figures such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Senator Marco Rubio.